Staying safe while studying abroad

Remaining safe while you are studying abroad is vital. Sadly, we live in this present reality where a few people may exploit others, particularly international students. With regards to studying in a foreign nation, one thing is sure – the battle is genuine! More often than not you are on a tight spending plan and you need to manage the worry of migration paperwork, classes, and homework. This doesn’t leave much time for mishaps and delays that are erratic and can have an extremely negative effect on your experience. Here are a few tips on the most proficient ways to remain safe while considering education abroad.

Online Scams

These days, the internet is an important tool for regular day to day existence. You can purchase and sell apparel, books, and furniture on sites like eBay and Amazon. You have apps on your telephone to arrange food, have your basic supplies delivered, and to find entertainment close-by. However, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Destinations like Craigslist and OfferUp are incredible sites to offer and purchase a wide range of things locally. However, numerous tricksters will likewise utilize these to speak with you and motivate you to send them things before payment. Others will ask to pay you through phony Paypal records or Western Union exchanges.

The fundamental dependable guideline for all exchanges done over these sites is to keep all arrangements straightforward and meet face to face at an open place (never a home setting). Extra tip: never give out individual data! Always be in touch with your higher education consultation guide and ask them for any advice needed or if you get stuck in a fishy situation.

Leasing your own house

If by any chance that you would prefer not to live on campus or your school doesn’t offer lodging, you will undoubtedly rent your own place. Once you’ve chosen which sort of place you need to live in, securing your property ought to be a priority. Living on campus gives you not just the advantages of being nearer to your classrooms and cafeterias, yet in addition, the assurance of the on-grounds police. Off these grounds, you are fundamentally without anyone else. Consider purchasing renters insurance to shield your own property from burglary or other natural disasters.

Something else you need to remember when you are leasing, ensure you become more acquainted with your landowner as well as maintenance team in person. Sometimes you may find advertisements for houses or lofts that don’t exist. In different circumstances, these ads may be of a genuine property however may not be accessible to lease.

Visa or Tax assistance scams

Be careful with ads or postings that offer assistance with legal documents, for example, visas and assessments – particularly when they request cash in advance. Likely, they are going after youthful undergrads that may search cheap approaches to process their migration records or taxes. Always visit a solid higher education consultation advisor that comes at the suggestion of somebody you know, and remember that many schools in the US offer free legitimate and budgetary help on grounds.

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Staying safe while studying abroad

How to get a masters degree in Germany

Germany offers excellent opportunities for anyone planning on pursuing their higher education. The country is home to some of the best universities in the world, which attracts a large volume of international students all year round. Germany has one of the lowest tuition fees, even for international students. In some cases the tuition fee is completely slashed, thus offering free education to all!



Germany’s higher education system

This is split into two parts-

  • Public universities
  • Private universities

Public universities are helmed by the state authorities, and have a very reasonable fee, if at all. Private institutions are run by independent organizations or charities, and the fee is usually higher than that of public universities. Thus, only a very small section of international students studies at these private institutions.

Public universities have their own entry requirements, degree programs and exams/ assessment methods. The state takes care of the funding, quality control and accreditation of the courses.

Private universities have a standardized exam structure, and their degrees are fully recognized by the state. Private bodies are only responsible for the funding.

How to choose the right university for your master’s degree

Choosing the perfect university for your master’s degree can be intimidating owing to the large selection of universities in Germany. However, your decision should be primarily fuelled by your area of interest.

If your interest leans towards academia, then you should enrol in a Research or Technical university, with a particular specialization of your choice. If you want to gain expertise in a new vocational skill then a University of Applied Sciences is for you. For creative pursuits, you will be better off enrolling in a College of Art, Film and Music.

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How to get a masters degree in Germany

Toughest business schools to get into in the UK

The UCAS Tariff Score is a score point system that determines the students based on their grades. This is used by the universities in UK to determine the cut off for each student who wishes to enrol in their programs. Here is a list of some of the toughest business schools to get into, based on its’ UCAS Tariff Score-

  1. University of St. Andrews: Currently ranked number one in the UK for Business and management courses, University of St. Andrews has average UCAS points of 555.
  1. University of Warwick: With an average UCAS requirement of 518 points, this is one of the toughest universities to get into. However, this high requirements is justified, considering how it consistently considered to be one of the best business schools in the world, especially for distance learning.

universities in uk

  1. King’s College London: One of the top ten business schools in the UK, King’s College is well known for its quality research capabilities and intriguing courses. However, with the average UCAS points of 501, it can be quite a challenge getting into it.
  1. University College, London: More commonly known as the UCL School of Management, this one has an average UCAS points of 499. The college however, offers excellent choices in varied programs including management, technology entrepreneurship, management science, business analytics, etc.

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Toughest business schools to get into in the UK

One year masters programs in UK

The Taught Master’s course is a 1 year master’s program for a full time student and two years for a part time/ distance learning in UK. If you are an international student, then registering for a part time course is subject to conditions set by individual universities. These courses are carefully structured for the students to learn in depth about the fields of study that interests them. The comparatively short length of course duration makes it a lucrative option for international students to pursue their masters in British universities.

The one-year masters are of two types- Specialist Masters or Taught Masters. Specialist masters is aimed at students with a relevant academic background who are looking to gain expertise in a specific field of study. The Taught Masters, enables the student to study the most important aspects of a traditional three year relevant undergraduate degree into a one year study.

studying in uk

Over 400,000 students from all over the world flock to the UK every year to pursue their master program. These 1 year masters programs are structured to offer enough freedom for the students to pursue and gain expertise in their areas of interests. The universities in UK follow a variety of interactive teaching modes such as quizzes, debates, class tests, group activities and other such peer interactive activities.

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One year masters programs in UK